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One of the most emotional aspects of any divorce or separation involves child custody. Due to the high ​stress​ of the situation and complex laws​, it is clear ​that you need a child custody ​lawyer ​to provide guidance in your case​.

With over 1​3​ years and counting of child custody law experience, KLG Law has the compassion and ​expertise to handle your case the way you deserve.​

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Custody & Parenting Time

How is Child Custody and Parenting Time Determined?

The courts​ often try to allow both parents to maintain a relationship with their child, as long as it ​doesn’t jeopardize the safety of the child. However, one parent will ​typically ​be awarded residential custody. ​

The residential custodial parent is the parent who is better situated to meet the day to day needs of the child. In determining residential custody, courts will consider factors including: ​

  • ​Stability of ​home ​environment​
  • Relationships with siblings​
  • Financial stability​
  • Preference of the child​
  • Child’s relationship with parents​

The parent who is not ruled the residential parent is generally entitled to parenting time, formerly known as “visitation.”

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Legal & Residential Custody

Why Hire KLG Law as your Child Custody Lawyer?

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Protect the Child

The well-being of the child is paramount in any child custody case. KLG Law has a demonstrable track record of zealous advocacy, fighting for the well-being of children in child custody cases of all degrees of complexity.

Navigate Complicated Laws

There is no simple, black-and-white formula for determining which parent gets custody of a child, and which type of custody they get. KLG Law can help you navigate the complex laws surrounding your case to fight for an agreement that is fair for you.

Receive Objective Advice

Child custody agreements, even during relatively cordial separations and divorces, can be highly emotional. KLG Law will handle your case with empathy, but provide you with the objective legal advice you need to receive a fair child custody agreement.

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